Commercial Cleaning Company in Louisville KY

We spend most of our lives under ceilings. Ceilings trap smoke, odor, grease, dust, and other pollutants. Not only do they look bad, but also they can quickly become a sanitary problem.

Like New is here to help. Your ceilings can look new again without being replaced. We have 18 eco-friendly products and the knowledge to solve this problem.

Cleaning your ceilings brightens your facilities, extends the lifetime of your ceiling system, all while disinfecting and deodorizing your ceiling. This is a wise investment in your business that customers can’t help but notice. Like New is able to clean your ceiling for up to 80% less than the cost of replacement.

Exterior: If you own or manage a commercial property, you know that keeping its exterior clean is both important and difficult.  The exterior of a commercial property is the first impression potential customers and clients have of your business, so if your property’s exterior is dirty or unsightly, it can have a negative impact on your business’ profits. Having regular commercial exterior cleaning services in Kentuckiana performed is a crucial part of the maintenance of your property.

Interior: Business owners benefit from our wall and floor cleaning services. Sparkling clean walls and floors significantly improve the appearance of any property, and customers are likely to spend more time and more money inside a business setting that appears clean and tidy. Professional wall and floor cleaning can instantly and dramatically improve the appearance of businesses.

“Partner with Like New and allow us to help you maintain your property”
“We are a local family owned business and our work is guaranteed. If we don’t do what we say then you don’t pay.”